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Sep 172014
Oatmeal Raisin Yogurt Popsicles

Disclosure:  I was asked to participate in the California Raisins. Sweet. Naturally. campaign as a member of the Healthy Aperture Blogger Network.  I was compensated for my time. As kids are getting back into the swing of things at school, many parents are searching for healthy after school snack ideas.  Naturally sweet California Raisins are a great healthy snack [...]

Sep 102014
Fruity Quinoa Salad with Sweet Apricot Vinaigrette

I love putting fruit in salads.  Whether it’s salad greens, pasta salad, or even cold quinoa salad, fruit just adds a nice sweet pop of flavor. This fruity quinoa salad with sweet apricot vinaigrette recipe doesn’t skimp on the fruit.  It calls for mandarin oranges, strawberries, and grapes.  And, it even has fruit in the dressing.  Apricot preserves [...]

Aug 282014
One Pot Wonder Cajun Chicken Alfredo

Red Lobster has a Cajun chicken linguini alfredo that my husband likes to get when we eat there.  It’s got pasta and chunks of chicken in a garlic parmesan alfredo sauce that’s been kicked up with Cajun spices.  It’s delicious, don’t get me wrong.  But, the calorie count on that dish is through the roof. [...]

Aug 202014
Italian Sloppy Joes

Italian sloppy joes are a cheesy, Italian variation to the traditional sloppy joe sandwich. This recipe starts with an Italian-style meat sauce that is slightly sweet and tangy.  The meat sauce gets spooned over toasted hamburger buns, and topped with grated parmesan and sliced mozzarella cheese.  Then, the sandwiches are placed under a broiler until the [...]

Aug 142014
Guacamole Stuffed Chicken Breast

I absolutely love guacamole!  On it’s own, guacamole is really healthy when eaten in moderation.  The problem is, it’s often eaten in massive quantities with a big pile of deep fried tortilla chips. I decided to ditch the chips and use guacamole to make this healthy entrée, guacamole stuffed chicken breast. Chicken breasts are pounded thin and flat.  A thin [...]

Aug 062014
Easy Denver Omelet Hash Brown Casserole

Easy Breakfast Casserole is one of my most popular recipes.  It’s great because it comes together so quickly.  You just mix frozen hash browns with shredded cheese and cubed ham.  Put it in a baking dish.  Whisk up some eggs and milk.  Then, pour the eggs over the hash browns; and bake. Easy breakfast casserole is really [...]

Aug 022014
Banana Peanut Butter Oat Muffins

Banana peanut butter oat muffins are healthy, delicious, and simple to make.   All of the ingredients get pulverized in a food processor, or blender.  This breaks down most of the oats and produces a smooth batter.  It also makes the mixing process a cinch. There is no flour or oil in this recipe.  The oil is replaced with [...]

Jul 282014
One Pot Wonder Chicken Enchilada Bowls

One pot wonder chicken enchilada bowls are simple and delicious.  This is a full meal that can be made in one pot (or skillet) for easy clean up. Chopped chicken breasts and yellow onions are sautéed in olive oil until they begin to turn golden. Rice, enchilada sauce, Rotel, chicken broth, corn kernels, and spices are added to the [...]

Jul 222014
Easy Chicken Taco Stuffed Peppers

Easy chicken taco stuffed peppers are one of my go-to dinners for busy weeknights.  I love them!  They’re so easy to make.  They taste amazing.  And, they primarily consist of veggies and lean protein.  What’s not to love? Start by cutting two bell peppers in half and removing the seeds.  Roast the peppers for about 20 minutes. [...]