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Mar 262015
Simple Hummus Without Tahini

I make this simple hummus without tahini all the time.  I absolutely love hummus, and typically have some stocked in my refrigerator.  I’ve tried just about every fancy variety and flavor combination of hummus that there is.  At some point I started wondering, why is this little tub of bean dip so expensive?  I mean […]

Mar 212015
Avocado Hummus Taquitos

It’s time for another Recipe Redux post!  This month’s theme is double duty recipes.  These are the kind of recipes that you make once and use in a variety of ways. I used my recipe for Simple Hummus Without Tahini (which I usually just use for snacking) to make some awesome vegetarian taquitos. Avocado hummus […]

Mar 172015
Salt and Vinegar Zucchini Chips

  I’m a big fan of salt and vinegar potato chips.  They’re crunchy, salty, and tart.  But, as you can imagine, they’re not so good for you.  They are, after all, deep fried potatoes. I’ve done a healthier version of salt and vinegar potato chips before with these salt and vinegar roasted potatoes, which I […]

Mar 102015
Greek Stuffed Cucumbers with Chicken and Yogurt Sauce

Lately I’ve been playing around with different ideas for using fruits and vegetables in place of more processed foods like crackers, bread, pita, etc.  Last week I posted cranberry tuna salad on apple slices and it seems to be gaining popularity pretty quickly. This week worked with cucumbers, and came up with Greek stuffed cucumbers […]

Feb 212015
Nutella Fudgesicles (Fudge Popsicles)

My favorite foods/beverages in order are:  chocolate, red wine, and coffee.  So, I couldn’t be happier about this month’s Recipe Redux theme.  The assignment was to write a recipe including our favorite chocolate pairings.  Yes!! I think the argument could be made that chocolate pairs well with everything.  Chocolate and peanut butter.  Awesome!  Chocolate and […]

Feb 162015
Chicken Fettuccini in Sun-Dried Tomato Basil Cream Sauce

Bite size pieces of chicken and fettuccini noodles in an amazing cream sauce flavored with sun-dried tomatoes, basil, garlic, and parmesan cheese. There’s a recipe that keeps catching my eye on Pinterest for chicken in a creamy parmesan and sun-dried tomato sauce.  I checked it out and decided that the sauce in this dish sounds […]

Feb 112015
Honey Sriracha Beef and Broccoli

Make your own beef and broccoli at home.  It’s quick, easy, and healthier when you make it yourself.  And, honestly, I think this honey sriracha beef and broccoli tastes even better than take-out. It’s got perfectly cooked thin strips of beef and broccoli in a rich brown sauce. This dish is saucy, sweet, and spicy. […]

Feb 032015
Healthy Lifestyle Log

There’s a popular trend amongst bloggers (mostly healthy lifestyle/food bloggers) to do a post called ‘What I Ate Wednesday’.  This is exactly what it sounds like.  The blogger makes a log of everything that they had to eat (and usually drink) for an entire day, typically on Wednesdays.  Or, sometimes the food is recorded ahead […]